About The Teacher

Quotes about Joshua’s new book and information on him from members of Judas Priest & Megadeth (as printed on the back of Joshuas Published titles from Mel Bay and Alfred)…

“Joshua Craig Podolsky’s book gives players at all levels the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of theory and also discover some new things. Josh’s book will play an important role in helping young guitarists to develop their own unique style as players and songwriters.”—K. K. Downing (Lead guitarist, Judas Priest)

“Josh is an extremely versatile guitarist and captivating songwriter. This book lays out the methods he uses to help guitarists at any stage become more proficient at their craft.”—David Ellefson (Bassist, Megadeth)¬†

About the Teacher/Author 
An in-demand session musician, teacher, composer, and producer, Joshua Craig Podolsky has performed on numerous recordings, with over 36 million albums sold. He is the frontman for his group The Alien Blakk, has performed live and recorded with top artists including Rob Halford, Coolio, Xzibit, Motograter, Christina Aguilera, and Dr. Dre—as well as members of Megadeth, Deftones, Five Finger Death Punch, Korn, Metallica, Fear Factory, Testament, KISS, White Zombie, Whitesnake, Type O Negative & more. Joshua performs and composes solo acoustic guitar music, new music for The Alien Blakk, and video game soundtracks.

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